About Better Best Network, Inc

Wealth without happiness. Who wants it? The fact is, you want both; you want to get rich and have a rich life too. It is possible. Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne, expert personal development trainers, coaches and multi-millionaire investors have combined their wealth building techniques that everyone is dying to know, with their proven personal development, personal growth process. You must have both, and through Better Best Network’s seminars, tools and training you can get wealthy, stay wealthy and transform your life. You just have to go after it.


Renee Cermak’s Story

Renee Cermak is a self-development expert and author who has taught thousands of people how to create abundance and wealth, build better relationships, create more balance in their lives, gain confidence, increase productivity, discover more creativity, direction and focus, improve their results — and ultimately realize their dreams. Her passion for wealth building lead her and her husband Fred Auzenne to teach people how to create wealth. In the process, they also build self-esteem, the secret to lasting happiness, well-being and abundance. To aid in this mission, Renee developed the Cermak 1000-Box Strategy ™, her personal system for building self-esteem and the better life that comes with it. Renee and Fred created the Better Best Network as a vehicle to help people build wealth systematically, using a proven step-by-step process. Renee believes your best life is waiting for you. You just have to go after it.

Fred Auzenne’s Story

For more than two decades years, Fred Auzenne, the co-founder of Better Best Network, Inc. has been following his own path to wealth and success showing people that no matter where you start or how many turns your life takes along the way, you can live a better life—your best life. Fred is a self-made millionaire whose life experiences in entrepreneurship, business and the military have shaped him into an astute business leader who knows how to find, grow and capitalize on investments. His passion for wealth building and his own personal development along the way are the real world experiences he shares through books, seminars, podcasts, webcasts, speeches and other products and services, Fred, along with his wife and business partner, Renee Cermak, shows people how to create wealth and in the process build self-esteem, the secret to lasting happiness, well-being and abundance. Fred found himself on his own at a young age and has overcome many of life’s biggest challenges. Step by step he set himself on a path of success that included the highs of business success, military service and personal growth. Fred along with Renee created Better Best Network, Inc. as a vehicle to help people be their best. No one knows better than Fred that your best life is waiting for you. You just have to go after it.

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Mission Statement

To teach people to live their best life, to fulfill their dreams and achieve purpose.