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Windows of Wealth

Live a Better Life, Your Best Life

Better Best Network was created to help you live a better life, your best life by giving you the tools and knowledge to build real wealth for the long term. Whereas most are earning an income and paying expenses, we give you the foundation to turn this around and create for yourself the best life you can have. You see, we know from our own experience of building wealth, that it isn’t rocket science and it can be attainable for you. Our curriculum is designed to shift you into a better life, ultimately creating your best life filled with wealth, choice and financial security.

Our 4-Step Process on Building Your Wealth Foundation



We’ll help you shed the beliefs about money that are keeping you from your best life of wealth

Self Discovery

We’ll help you understand how your relationship with your money is impacting your financial future


We’ll give you a clear step by step action plan making wealth building real and attainable and real life examples that show you how others build wealth


You’ll discover how to create multiple streams of income from experts who are doing it

You’ll begin to expand your wealth potential by learning how to build and create assets

You’ll explore inventive ways to build assets, that most people don’t know about

You’ll learn resourceful ways to cut your expenses without feeling limitation

You’ll learn how to form a trust and prepare/secure your finances with an end goal in mind

Join Our Network

Through Better Wealth you will learn how to build a better life through one-on-one coaching from real students of life – Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne. You see, Renee and Fred have been there, and done that. They have experienced life’s pitfalls and have taken chances-and it’s paid off. They have built their dreams on hard work, taking risks and being tough in a very unpredictable world. Let them help you fulfill your dreams.